ETN CPD - Nutrition Answers April 2018

A) Fresh grass
B) Water
C) Starchy cereals
D) Carrots
A) Copper
B) Molybdenum
C) Zinc
D) Selenium
A) 1000 I.U.
B) 750 I.U.
C) 500 I.U.
D) 250 I.U.
A) They can balance micronutrient requirements in the diet
B) They are palatable and easy to feed
C) They are often preferred by busy yards
D) All of the above
A) 4 tablespoons (60ml) / day
B) 200 ml / day
C) 500 ml / day
D) Two pints (1.14L) / day
A) Zinc
B) Sodium
C) Potassium
D) Chloride
A) 5%
B) 10%
C) 15%
D) 25%
A) Random Oxygen Status
B) Reactive Oxygen Species
C) Real Overtraining Safely
D) Right Offside Strain
A) Sweet
B) Sour
C) Bitter
D) Salty
A) Turmeric
B) Vegetable oil
C) Omicha berries
D) Rosehip