ETN CPD - Nutrition Answers November 2017

A) 1-2 times
B) 2-4 times
C) 2-5 times
A) 1.0% bodyweight
B) 1.2% bodyweight
C) 1.5% bodyweight
A) 40-60%
B) 30-50%
C) 60-80%
A) 70%
B) 80%
C) 90%
A) True
B) False
A) 0-10 mins
B) 10-30mins
C) 30 mins +
A) Haylage
B) Fibre cubes
C) Soya hulls
D) All of the above
A) Add a conditioning feed to the diet to aid in weight gain
B) Encourage forage intake by feeding alternative forage sources
C) Provide the horse with more hay to eat
A) True
B) False
A) Alfalfa
B) Soya hulls
C) Beet pulp
D) All of the above