ETN CPD - Worming Answers April 2019

A) At least twice per month
B) At least twice per week
C) At least 4 times per week
A) In the warmer months
B) Over winter
C) It makes no difference which time of year the paddocks are rested
A) Isolated and treated with moxidectin and praziquantel
B) Not turned out for at least 3 days after treatment
C) Both of the above
A) Two should be performed between March and September
B) Three should be performed between May and November
C) Three should be performed March and September
A) Every 6-12 months
B) Every 2-3 months
C) Not more than once a year
A) Faecal egg counts
B) Serum or saliva antibody testing
C) Cellotape strips
A) Pyrantel or fenbendazole
B) Ivermectin or moxidectin
C) Ivermectin or pyrantel
A) Praziquantel
B) Pyrantel (double dose)
C) Moxidectin
A) Is recommended on well managed farms
B) Should never be performed
C) Should only be necessary on poorly managed properties where the risk of reinfection is high
A) The results of repeated faecal egg counts performed throughout the year
B) Standard of husbandry
C) The animal’s age
D) All of the above