ETN CPD - Nutrition Answers November 2018

A) 10g per kg of bodyweight
B) 15g per kg of bodyweight
C) 20g per kg of bodyweight
A) Omnivores
B) Carnivores
C) Herbivores
A) Ferment and break down fibre
B) Efficiently process protein
C) Damage the gut wall
A) 10-12 hours a day
B) 6-8 hours a day
C) 16-18 hours a day
A) Yes
B) No
A) It is damp which helps stop mould spores travelling into and damaging the lungs
B) It weighs more than hay so less needs to be fed
C) It’s fermented so it’s more palatable than hay
A) Yes
B) No
A) 50%
B) 20%
C) 30%
A) Water soluble carbohydrate
B) Water saturated carbohydrate
C) Water structured calories
A) Yes, some can because they have similar levels of protein, fibre and energy
B) Yes, all chopped fibres can be used to replace hay
C) No – chopped fibres are only suitable for extending the eating time for compound feeds