ETN CPD - Nutrition Answers September 2017

A) True
B) False
C) Depends on the type of carbohydrate
A) Monosaccharide
B) Disaccharide
C) Oligosaccharide
D) Polysaccharide
A) Cellulose
B) Glycogen
C) Starch
D) Pectin
A) Glucose and galactose
B) Glucose and glucose
C) Glucose and lactose
D) Glucose and fructose
A) Lipid
B) Starch
C) Glucose
D) Protein
A) Liver and spleen
B) Liver and adipose tissue
C) Muscle and adipose tissue
D) Liver and muscle
A) Flaked maize
B) Raw barley
C) Raw oats
D) Cooked wheat
A) Sugar-free
B) Low in carbohydrates
C) Low in Non-Structural Carbohydrates
D) Low in complex carbohydrates
A) Pectin and lignin
B) Cellulose and pectin
C) Hemi-cellulose and lignin
D) Lignin and cellulose
A) By amylase enzymes in the small intestine
B) By amylolytic bacteria in the hindgut
C) By lipase enzymes in the small intestine
D) By cellulolytic bacteria in the hindgut