ETN CPD - Nutrition Answers November 2015

A) Autumn
B) Winter
C) Spring
C) Summer
A) 10kg
B) 20kg
C) 30kg
A) To make it the same as haylage
B) Because horses prefer it that way
C) To reduce the respirable dust content
A) Yes (because haylage contains more water so weight for weight there is less fibre)
B) No (because a haynet of haylage weighs more than a one containing hay)
A) True
B) False
A) Always – forage is high in fibre
B) Never – Forage is made from grass that is rich in sugar
C) It depends on growing and harvest factors, so best to check if you are worried
A) Fibre and oil
B) Starch and sugar
C) Proteins and amino acids
A) Racehorse feeds
B) Feeds for senior or aged horses
C) Feeds suitable for chestnut mares
D) Breeding feeds
E) Feeds suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
F) Balancers
A) A digestive supplement
B) A hoof supplement
C) A calming supplement
A) Vitamin A
B) Iron
C) Biotin