ETN CPD - Nutrition Answers October 2016

A) 6 – 8 hours
B) 12 – 14 hours
C) 16 – 18 hours
D) 22 – 24 hours
B) Arthritis
C) Laminitis
D) Excitability
A) Iodine
B) Calcium
C) Selenium
D) Sulphur
A) Recommended Dietary Iodine
B) Residual Daily Intake
C) Reputable Dietary Ingredients
D) Recommended Daily Intake
A) Garlic
B) Mint
C) Ginger
D) Psyllium
A) Crude fibre level
B) Protein level
C) The level of live yeast included
D) The yeast is in an inactive form
A) They balance the diet with vitamins, minerals and trace elements
B) They are concentrated feeds, fed between 100g and 500g per day
C) They include gut support
D) All of the above
A) Ragwort
B) Red clover
C) Dandelion
D) Timothy grass
A) Biotin
B) Thiamine
C) Riboflavin
D) Niacin
A) Calming
B) Joints
C) Breathing
D) Hooves