ETN CPD - Saddle fitters Answers December 2017

A) From a friend
B) In the attic
C) Make an appointment with a qualified and registered saddle fitter (QSF)
A) He may be a little sore but it will be for a very short period
B) I would rather he got the bucking out of him now!
C) It could make him reactive and worried about saddles and fail to develop muscles correctly
A) In hand groundwork, lunging and long reining
B) Catch him from the field and pop an old saddle on and let him buck in an enclosed space
C) Send him somewhere, the job will be done in a week
A) The product knowledge and service ability
B) You can blame them if things do not go well
C) They can spend the day and help you as there has been no preparation
A) Wheelbarrows
B) Numnahs, surcingles and mounting blocks
C) Fluorescent garments
A) In an arena
B) In his own field
C) In an enclosed, safe area
A) Six months’ time
B) In three weeks
C) As soon as the rider is happy walking around and able to achieve a few strides of trot.
A) The horse’s ability to balance himself with the rider’s weight
B) He looks forward to treats at the end of a session
C) You can book the first competition
A) Topline
B) Those under the neck
A) Once a year
B) When a ‘back person’ says so
C) When the rider feels out of balance or there is undue movement; but ideally 3-6 months depending on the amount of work
A) A vet
B) A physiotherapist
C) A friend
A) Boots and bandages
B) Your riding
C) Numnahs, pads and girths