ETN CPD - Saddle fitters Answers December 2018

A) Attractiveness of the saddle
B) Fitting the horse
C) Fitting the rider
A) Sometimes
B) Rarely
C) At all times
A) Large rider and close-coupled horse
B) Novice rider
C) Never
A) Put the rider in the correct position
B) Encourage the rider to adopt the correct position at all times
C) Retain the rider in the correct position
A) Afford flexibility
B) Don’t make any difference
C) Can solve all rider position problems
A) When competing
B) When jumping
C) In all riding activities
A) The rider
B) Horse and rider
C) Never occurs
A) Is irrelevant
B) Takes overall precedence
C) Requires fundamental consideration
A) Provides the perfect solution
B) Is a good all-round tool
C) Cannot fully replace saddles designed for specific disciplines