ETN CPD - Saddle fitters Answers June 2018

A) One third of the way
B) Over half way
C) Near the end
A) Somewhere to put the saddles out to be seen and admired
B) Decent tea and coffee freely available
C) Somewhere safe to ride
A) Height and weight
B) Which night club they go to
C) Who is their favourite rider
A) If they want the same make as their favourite rider uses
B) If it must be in Moroccan tan colour
C) At what level they will be competing
A) Long girth tabs
B) Velcro adjustable knee and thigh blocks
C) Lots of Ds fitted
A) A small horse of an unsuitable breed for a large rider
B) When the client says that the horse is bright chestnut
C) When the client has a large whisky before riding
A) A photo that the client gives you taken at the local show, complete with a covering of rosettes
B) Their child’s painting of the horse
C) Description of main colour, markings, whorls, age, height
A) His favourite tit-bit
B) What work he is doing at present
C) How well he jumps
A) They might groan a lot and frighten the horse
B) They might have trouble getting on or off
C) They might sit unevenly and so unbalance both saddle and horse
A) Forward girth groove
B) Long front legs
C) Wide hips
A) Nice coat condition
B) How big the horse is
C) Soreness or swellings
A) Give you a good laugh when you have finished
B) how the client why some saddles won’t be suitable, and others would be better
C) Save you having to lift too many saddles