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ETN CPD - Saddle Fitters Answers December 2016

A) When the same saddle is used by different riders
B) If the rider is going for a long ride
C) If the saddle fit has not been checked recently
A) 15%
B) 45%
C) 75%
A) Fairly rare
B) About half of riders are asymmetric
C) It could be as high as 100% of riders
A) Hind limb lameness
B) Novice riders
C) Newly backed horses
A) Annually
B) Every 3 months
C) Every 6 months
A) Gait asymmetry
B) Less work
C) Improved saddle fit
A) Before exercise
B) At least one hour after exercise
C) Both before and after work
A) Force that is applied perpendicular to their surface
B) Whether a saddle fits
C) Whether the saddle is asymmetric