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Stand Name Stand Website Logo
4Hooves L10.3
Abbey England G10.1
Absorbine E2.2
Adam Ellis Saddles
Agrifence E2.3
Agrihealth L2.1
Aigle International UK Ltd
AKI India Ltd
Alan Paine Country Collection Q3.2
Always Leathers LTD N1.1
Anderson & Co Publishing A2.2
ArcEquine P10.5
Ariat Europe Limited H7.1
Artistic Intl M10.4
Aubiose Horse Bedding E8.2
Back on Track C4.2
Baillie Haylage B3.2
Baleno P7.1
Baltic Opportunities
Baltic Woodland
BareBack Footwear N7.2
Bates Saddles C6.2
Battles G4.1
Bed-Down LLP L11.1
Bedmax Shavings Ltd J1.2
bequestrian E10.2
Bespoke Equine Solutions E5.4
Bliss International F8.7
Bliss of London K4.1
Boehringer Ingelheim Limited
Botanica International Ltd B5.1
Bransby Horses E8.3
Breyer Model Horses L3.1
Bridleway Equestrian J4.4
British Country Collection H1.3
British Equestrian Trade Association G7.1
British Horse Feeds D9.3
Burlybed K9.1
BUSSE Sportartikel E4.7
Cal Rei UK H10.3
Car 4 U F8.5
Carr & Day & Martin, Day, Son & Hewitt F2.1
Casada Health and Beauty D11.3
Celtic Equine L4.2
Charles Owen / Airowear K2.1
Charles Sainsbury-Plaice P11.3
Cheval & Rider Wear
Citrus-Lime P3.3
Comfybed Plus B1.1
Country Haylage F10.5
Covalliero E2.4
Crafty Ponies F1.3
Cryochaps Ltd B3.1
Danish Design Pet Products Ltd Q7.1
Deerhunter N6.3
DeNiroBootCo E6.2
Derriere Equestrian Ltd F10.2
Doggy Bag ® D10.2
DriRug D10.1
Easitill Ltd A3.1
Easyfix L10.2
Ekkia D6.1
Eldon Horse
Elico Equestrian Products / Jenkinsons C1.2
Emerald Green Feeds K11.1
Equestrian Business E4.4
Equi-Chip Bedding F8.1
Equidivine Ltd
Equination N11.2
Equine America (UK) Ltd L10.1
Equine Careers D8.2
Equine Productions Ltd F10.1
Equisoc Ireland L9.1
EquiSupplies F8.4
Equitana P9.10
Equi-vation C3.2
Estride L9.6
ETN (Equestrian Trade News) Q1.1
Euro Bird International
Euro Hide P9.5
Fairfax Saddles Ltd F4.1
Fellows Media B3.3
Fennington Fibres G11.1
Fircos Shoes (Pvt) Ltd F1.2
FIRST EURO GROUP (Designers & Manufacturers) F1.1
Flair LLC F11.3
Fyna-Lite J1.1
Gallop Equestrian Ltd K7.1
German Horse Industry P9.11
Gray's Equestrian Gifts G2.2
Greys & Bays P9.7
Grubs Boots Ltd M7.1
Gumleaf Boots P9.1
H K M Sports Equipment GmbH N2.1
Harcour P3.2
Hauke Schmidt/Spooks F10.6
Hawkeye N10.1
Haygain J10.3
Heather Hats & Accessories P4.1
Henry Bell - EQUIGLO
Hilton Herbs B2.3
Hippocenter D7.6
Horse & Country TV G3.2
Horse & Hound D7.3
Horse & Rider and Pony Magazines P9.8
Horse and Countryside P11.2
Horse Confidence L10.4
Horse Empire D9.1
Horse First H1.1
Horse Health Trade H2.1
Horse Tech International E6.1
Horsekraft Equestrian M10.2
Horseware Products Ltd E7.1
Horslyx D5.1
Horze UK P7.2
House of Cheviot Q3.1
HUF Design B5.3
Hunter – Outdoor P1.1
Instinct P3.1
Intelligent Retail E3.2
IV Horse
Jama Corporation N9.1
Jeremy Rudge Saddlery Ltd K10.2
John Whitaker International M2.1
K M Elite Products Ltd K10.3
Kask Spa E10.1
Keela P4.4
Keratex Hoofcare E3.5
Kevalier P10.3
Kevin Bacon's E11.1
Kings Saddlery Limited G11.3
Kingsland/KEP/Tech Stirrups M6.1
Krishna International
L S Sales (Farnam) Ltd /Leslie Sutcliffe A1.1
La Valencio P9.6
Legacy Equestrian
Leovet L2.1
Life Data Labs F1.4
Likit Products & Stud Muffins G3.1
Lintbells Ltd D4.4
Majyk Equipe
Malgre Tout Media P10.1
Marstall GmbH D7.2
Medco Enterprises L9.4
Medilogic E3.1
Montar A/S P5.1
Moosa and Co. L11.3
Mountain Horse F7.1
MS and TJ Haylage D11.2
Muck Boots Q9.1
Musto Ltd H4.1
NAF M5.1
Nastz International
Natural Vet Nutrition J10.1
Neue Schule D2.1
Newlife Industries M11.2
Nicety E4.3
Nikwax P4.2
Noble Outfitters J5.1
Novaplace L10.4
Oakwood Europe K9.2
Omega Alpha F10.3
Omega Equine M2.2
Oscaroos P10.4
OSS Distribution N6.1
Parallax Plastics Ltd H10.4
Paskacheval F8.2
Peak & Brim Hats H1.2
Perry Equestrian F3.1
Pet Remedy
PFIFF Reitsport C5.1
Platinum P6.1
Premier EPOS
PressPoint Countryside & Equestrian E4.5
Professional's Choice F8.6
Quick Pick N9.2
Redpin Publishing Ltd J4.1
Renia E11.4
Riders Trend B1.2
Roxod International N11.1
Rugsafe UK D3.1
Ruksh Enterprises K8.1
Saddlery Trade Services (STS WALSALL) D7.1
Safe to Shake Dog Coats & Accessories K9.3
Sam & Hi Equestrian Ltd
Sb Exports P10.2
Schockemöhle Sports H10.1
Seaver D7.3
Shires Equestrian Products J2.1
Silvermoor E5.1
Snowflake Animal Bedding L1.1
SolarMate B4.1
SSG Gloves and Mackey Ireland K1.1
ST Group D5.3
Stable Shield L4.3
Stiefel, Innopha GmbH D8.1
Stierna Equestrian Sportswear AB M8.1
Stivaleria Secchiari - Equiclass
Stockshop C2.1
Stubbs England H3.1
Styx Mill P9.3
T R M E2.1
Tandy Leather P2.1
TGL Pet Products
That Stretchy Stuff Ltd D4.2
The Golden Paste Company D9.2
The Pure Feed Company Limited H3.2
The Saddlery Training Centre H11.4
The Society of Master Saddlers (UK) Ltd J11.1
The V. I. P. Very Important Pad F8.3
Thunderbrook A4.1
Tidy Tack Rooms K10.1
Toggi/Champion F6.1
Topline Naturals E11.3
TopSpec Equine Ltd K6.1
Tow and Farm E10.3
Tredstep Ireland Ltd M9.1
Treehouse E3.3
Trilanco Ltd J7.1
Tubtrugs® - Red Gorilla® C7.1
Tumergold M10.3
UK Equestrian Supplies K4.2
Umama Tanners D11.1
USG Germany and Tekna L7.1
Vale Brothers Ltd M4.1
Vetsonic (UK) Ltd K4.3
Waldhausen GmbH & Co KG B7.1
Well Gel Products P9.2
Western Haylage M10.1
Westgate EFI Ltd K5.1
WildWash C2.2
Wintec Saddles C6.1
Woof Wear P2.2
W.R Equine Solutions Ireland P11.1
Yangzhou Lida Brush Co Ltd E8.4
Your Horse & Your Horse Live L9.8


The British Equestrian Trade Association – recognised as the official representative for the equestrian manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade.

BETA International – the world’s leading trade fair for the equestrian, country clothing and pet product sectors.

British Equestrian Directory – an online directory with more than 10,000 contacts from the world of horse, pet and country.

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